We take the industry to the next generation.
Since 1983, we strive for the customer satisfaction in kitchen, bathroom countertops, wet floor areas, wall coverings, customised counters with our experience and expert staff. We are leading the industry in our 2000m2 closed-room facility and high-end technology machines. New products developing with technology are applied in our facility. By increasing our production capacity and exportation, Öztürk Mermer provides high quality services in many countries and continues to achieve new successes.

Quality is our signature
The craftsmanship quality is a must have for Öztürk Mermer. Not only using the best products but also superseding customer expectations, guiding, selecting the right materials and perfect measuring are the most important parts of our daily business. Through all our processes, our expert team is dedicated for the highest performance possible and is targeting client-centric best results and best product experience.

No room for mistake in our job! Precision with no compromise is our credo!
With the Proliner technology, exclusively owned by Öztürk Mermer in our industry, we achieve error-free measurements and get ready to produce after a final touch on computer. In our facility, we finish up the products with Italian Breton brand CNC machine, so that there  remains no need to make any extra touch in installation zone except for fitting. Our current production capacity allows us up to 30 full-size countertops a day and this can be increased in accordance with the special needs of our customers. With our production speed and international quality craftsmanship, we guarantee to deliver on time with hundred percent customer satisfaction.